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Wild Cook Off

Is your wild game dish good enough to be named best in Delta County? Now's the chance to find out! 

ELEVATE FIBER presents a brand-new event at the Delta County Fair, the Wild Game Cook Off!  

On Wednesday, August 8th at 6:00 pm under the grandstands in the Beer Garden at the Fairgrounds, bring your chili or wild game dish down and compete to be named the best Wild Game dish in Delta County!  

Entry is Limited to 25 Contestants so enter early!

Dishes from these 25 contestants will be judged to select 1st thru 3rd place winners. The 1st Place winner will go on to a final event at a date TBD by ELEVATE FIBER to compete against the Montrose County Fair & Rodeo winner for the title of ELEVATE FIBER service area Chili Cook Off Champion!


- Contestants must be 16 years old and live in Delta County, Maher (Montrose County - but must not compete in the Montrose County Fair contest), or Somerset. These are areas served by the Delta County Fair. 

- Contestants can enter as individual or pair. A pair can include hunting partners, a parent and child, or a couple dating, married, etc. 

- Dish must contain meat from a wild animal (such as deer, elk, etc.) harvested legally in the past two years.  If animal was harvested outside of Colorado or is a non-Colorado species, note such on your entry. 

- Contestants must submit their receipe with ingredient list at time of entry and if crowned the winner, the receipe will be published by ELEVATE FIBER for members to see and re-create.  

- Contestants must bring dish prepared ready for judges to sample in crockpot or other device to keep warm to the fairgrounds on August 8th by 5:45 pm.  Bring utensils for serving and any condiments that accentuate your chili! 

Wild Game Cook Off
Map to Chili Cook Off

403 S River Lane
PO Box 2084
Hotchkiss, CO 81419