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Livestock Sale - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of supporting the Junior Market Livestock Sale?

By purchasing a market animal(s) at the livestock auction, you are helping finance the future of a 4-H/FFA member! Members typically use profits from the sale of their project(s) to purchase animals for the next year to continue their education and the production of quality market animals. As exhibitors enter high school, money generated by the sale of livestock often directly benefits 4-H and FFA members by allowing them to utilize that money for College Education!

The Livestock Sale is a great way for businesses to show their support for the area 4-H/FFA youth, get a quality market animal for a business event, or just get promotion by having your business name support the Fair and Sale!

How are animals sold, what are my options if I don't want the animal and how can I have the meat processed if I do?

These are all great questions! More more information on the rotation of the sale, the buy-back option and what meat processors pick up from the sale, please download a copy of our Sale Brochure (PDF).

I want to support the sale but don't want to buy an animal and want to support the kids. What are my options?

The Delta County Junior Market Livestock Committee has set up the Buyer's Pool for individuals wishing to donate to the sale and support 4-H/FFA youth but not purchase livestock. To learn more about this option, please click here.

How do I register to become a buyer at the Delta County Jr. Market Livestock Sale?

Each bidder needs a Buyer # which is obtained by checking in at the Livestock Office prior to or at the start of the sale. The Livestock Office starts checking buyers in on Friday evening and Saturday morning if you want to avoid the rush to get your number! Simply stop by the Livestock Office and tell them you need to check in as a buyer and get your number. If you are unable to make it and still wish to buy an animal(s), you may send a proxy - download our sale brochure to learn more!

Can I use a credit/debit card to pay for my purchases?

Yes! Bank of Colorado handles all our financial transactions for the Junior Market Livestock Sale and Credit Cards are accepted.

How to I designate where I want my animals sent?

When you check in as a buyer, you must designate your preferred meat processor or destination for any animals you purchase during the 2015 Market Livestock Sale. This designation will be applied to every animal you purchase throughout the sale. If you want specific animals to go to different processors or to a feedlot or buy back on some, process on others, you MUST complete a Change of Processor Form AT CHECKOUT AND BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE GROUNDS!

Example - If you purchase a steer and want it sent to a feedlot but you want to send a pig and sheep you buy to a specific processor, designate the processor of your choice at check-in at the Office. When you pay at checkout, complete the Change of Processor form for the Steer you purchase to indicate what feedlot you want it sent to! Change of Processor Forms are the BUYER's RESPONSIBILITY not that of the Junior Market Livestock Sale Committee, Delta County Fair Board, its volunteers/designees or the 4-H/FFA Exhibitor.

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