Saturday, August 10th - 2:00 pm


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Join us in the Events Center at the sale ring for the 2019 Delta County Fair Junior Market Livestock Sale!

Come down and bid on an animal and reward the hard work of 4-H and FFA youth by purchasing a quality market animal and supporting our area's youth! The Livestock Sale is the cumulation of months of hard work for exhibitors who have spent countless hours feeding, grooming, exercising and working with their livestock projects to get them ready for the County Fair!


What are the benefits of supporting the Junior Market Livestock Sale?
By purchasing a market animal(s) at the livestock auction, you are helping finance the future of a 4-H/FFA member! Members typically use profits from the sale of their project(s) to purchase animals for the next year to continue their education and the production of quality market animals. As exhibitors enter high school, money generated by the sale of livestock often directly benefits 4-H and FFA members by allowing them to utilize that money for College Education!

The Livestock Sale is a great way for businesses to show their support for the area 4-H/FFA youth, get a quality market animal for a business event, or just get promotion by having your business name support the Fair and Sale!

How are animals sold? 
Market livestock is sold by the head with the exception of rabbits, chickens, turkeys and dairy milk products, which are sold by the lot. Grand Champion and Reserve Champions  including Champion and Reserve Champion Bred & Fed of each species are sold first. The sale then rotates through 1/3 of Sheep, Beef, Goats, Swine, Turkeys, Rabbits, Chickens and Turkeys until all market animals and dairy milk products are sold. The Sale is Limited to 200 Animals. 

Each and every animal exhibited and sold at the Delta Count Fair is raised with care and compassion by our area youth with the end goal of providing you, the end consumer with a quality market animal for you and your family. Tell us which meat processor you want the animal shipped to and the Livestock Sale will get the animal to that processor. Buyers are responsible for making arrangements with the processor for cutting instructions and paying for the processing of the meat. 

What are my options for Feedlots and Meat Processing?
The following processors and feedlots support the Delta County Fair Junior Market Livestock Sale and area available to pick up your animal(s) following the livestock sale.
-Good’s Processing : 14476 6215 Rd – Montrose, CO - 970-249-5367
-Homestead Meats: 741 W 5th Street – Delta, CO - 970-874-1145
-Hotchkiss Meats: 219 High Street – Hotchkiss, CO - 970-872-3030 
-Kinikin Processing : 72015 Kinikin Rd – Montrose, CO - 970-240-4329
-Shea Feedlot: 14672 F Rd – Delta, CO - 970-874-9294

What are my responsibilities as a buyer?
1. You should call ahead to arrange for your market animal to be processed at a meat processor. It is recommended that you call between July 1st and July 15th. Final arrangements can be made at the time of the sale.

2. The Junior Market Livestock Sale Committee will make arrangements with the processor to pick up your animal(s) after the sale. If the buyer chooses to send the animal home or a steer to the feedlot for further feeding, it becomes the buyer’s responsibility to see those arrangements are made. Buyers are responsible for feed costs at the feedlot or if animal is taken home – not the exhibitor selling the animal or the Livestock Committee.

3. For complete information on Terms and Conditions of the Junior Market Livestock Sale, please download a copy of the Official Terms & Conditions .

Can’t make it? That’s ok – you can purchase by proxy!
If you or your business/organization can not make the sale in Hotchkiss, but still want to participate, contact Gary Peebles at 970-234-5386 to find out more information about purchasing via proxy!

I want to support the sale but don't want to buy an animal and want to support the kids. What are my options?
The Delta County Junior Market Livestock Committee has set up the Buyer's Pool for individuals wishing to donate to the sale and support 4-H/FFA youth but not purchase livestock. You can also purchase an animal by using the Buy-Back. 

What is the Buy-Back?
With the buy-back option, local processors and sales yards bid to be the buyer for a species and then pay the current market price for animals put on the buy-back. Buyers who put an animal on the buy-back are responsible for paying the difference between their bid and the buy-back price shown on the sale bill.

For Example – You bid $2,500 for a market steer and put it on the buy-back. If market price is $2.00 a pound and the steer weighs 1100 pounds, the market price will be marked as $2,200. You pay the difference of $2,500 - $2,200 or $300. This allows you to support more kids without having to take the animals and process them

What is the Buyer's Pool?
Individuals and businesses choosing not to buy an animal or pen as sole entities can still show their support for Delta County 4-H/FFA youth and the Junior Market Livestock Sale through the Buyer's Pool. The Buyer's pool is comprised of individuals and businesses who make a donation to the sale in any amount they wish to contribute. The Buyer's Pool then pruchases animals on the buy-back leveraging the available money to maximize the benefit to 4-H/FFA members.

How do I donate to the Buyer's Pool?
If you are interested in donating to the Buyers Pool for the Junior Market Livestock Sale, you can mail your donation to Junior Market Livestock Sale Committee President, Gary Peebles at the address below or you may drop your donation off at the Livestock Office during fair week.

Delta County Fair Buyer's Pool
Attn: Gary Peebles
40555 Hwy 92
Crawford, CO 81415
(970) 234-5386

How do I register to become a buyer at the Delta County Jr. Market Livestock Sale?
Each bidder needs a Buyer # which is obtained by checking in at the Livestock Office prior to or at the start of the sale. The Livestock Office starts checking buyers in on Friday evening and Saturday morning if you want to avoid the rush to get your number! Simply stop by the Livestock Office and tell them you need to check in as a buyer and get your number. If you are unable to make it and still wish to buy an animal(s), you may send a proxy - download our sale brochure to learn more!

Are add-on's allowed?
Yes, we are allowing buyers to do add on to 4-H and FFA members in 2019.  Add-ons will NOT be announced though. You can add any amount you wish to an exhibitor, by knowing their name. To do an add-on, visit the Add-On table at check-out.   We encourage all add-ons to be paid for on the day of the sale or to be invoiced separately as commission is not taken out of those funds and requires a separate invoice. 

Can I use a credit/debit card to pay for my purchases?
Yes! Credit and Debit Cards are accepted.

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