The Delta County Fair & Rodeo is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who are appointed to the Fair Board on rotating terms from across Delta County including the areas of Delta, Surface Creek and the North Fork Valley. Below is the current slate of Board Members for 2017-2018.

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President - Lance Kappel (970) 778-2855

Vice-President - Ryan Bates (970) 216-8252 | Rodeos, Livestock & Barns

Secretary- Kristi St. Clair (970) 201-8946 | Demolition Derby, Motorcross, Vendors

Treasurer - Kelly Korth (970) 301-9978 | Tickets, Beef Superintendent 


Andy Braslin: Sheep Superintendent, Vendors, Beer Garden, Advertising, Security

Kristy Spaedt: Banners, Camper Parking


Dr. Jennifer Craig: Swine Superintendent, Advertising, Sponsorship, Tickets

Chance Fischer: Demolition Derby, Rodeo, Swine Superintendent

Mariah Wood: Camper Parking, Small Animal Barn, Demo Derby

Amy Shiflet: Junior Rodeo, Royalty


Teresa Burns: Royalty, Horse Show Superintendent, Rules, Judges, Fair Book, By-Laws

Kay Adams: Heritage Hall Superintendent, Banners

Kirby Clock: Camper Parking, Beer Garden

Amy Miller: Fairbook, Sponsorship, Swine Superintendent, Rules, Fair Book, By-Laws

Kris Stewart: Sponsorship, Website/Social Media, Fairbook, Advertising, Rules, By-Laws

Chad Mitchell: Sponsorship, Judges, Sheep Superintendent


Jackie Shea: Delta County 4-H CSU Extension Agent
Coley Wondra: Hotchkiss FFA Advisor
Katie Greenwood: Cedaredge FFA Advisor
Kendal Butterfield: Delta FFA Advisor

Fair Board Commitees

The Junior Market Livestock Sale Committee  is a sub-committee of the Fair Board that has its own by-laws and bank account and is open to members of the public, business owners and parents to join.

The role of the JMLSC is to annually plan and direct the Junior Market Livestock Sale at the Delta County Fair and coordinate with buyers and ensure the sale runs smoothly. The JMLSC makes recommendations for rules to the Fair Board related to the Sale and Livestock Shows and they receive all funds from the Market Livestock Sale and issue all checks.  To get notices of the committee and to join, email Secretary Teresa Burns

President - Gary Peebles
Vice President- Joyce Conger
Secretary - Teresa Burns
Treasurer - Dorothy Jean Mergelman 

The Rules Committee meets and reviews the Rules & Regulations of the Delta County Fair each year to add, delete or modify rules to address issues, or adjust to industry standards for livestock. The Rules Committee also hears official complaints as outlined in the Grievance Section of the Fair Book.

Chair: Jarod Keller
Members: Lance Kappel, Kris Stewart, Chad Mitchell, Amy Miller, Ryan Bates, Mariah Wood & Teresa Burns

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for drafting the annual sponsorship packet and sending it out to businesses and individuals to sponsor the fair. Upon receipt of funds, the Sponsorship Committee designates the funds per event and reports back to the board of how much money has come in for each event so we the board can stay on budget for the management of the Fair.
Chair - Kris Stewart
Members: Amy Miller, Dr. Jennifer Craig, Chad Mitchell

The Entertainment Committee is responsible for the Planning and Coordination of all main entertainment events that take place at the Delta County Fair. This includes everything from the Ticket Booth to the planning of the Rodeos and Demolition Derby.
Rodeos: Ryan Bates
Tickets: Kelly Korth
Royalty: Teresa Burns
Junior Rodeo: Amy Shiflet
Demolition Derby: Kristi St. Clair and Chance Fischer

The Beer Garden Committee is responsible for the coordination and planning of the Beer Garden at the Delta County Fair.
Chair: Kirby Clock
Members: Kristi St. Clair, Andy Braslin

2017 Junior Market Livestock Sale


Division:                                                  Superintendent(s)

Agriculture and Horticulture              Kay Adams & Michelle Widner
Art                                                             Beverly Shiftlet
Sponsorship                                           Kris Stewart, Amy Miller, Jen Craig, Chad Mitchell
Banners                                                   Kay Adams
Beef                                                          Kelly Korth, Lance Kappel
Beer Garden                                           Kirby Clock, Andy & Heather Braslin
Entertainment/Publicity                     Andy Braslin, Kris Stewart, Jen Craig
Concessions/Vendors                         Andy Braslin, Kristi St. Clair
Crafts                                                      Waneta Widner
Dairy                                                        Sarah Morgan
Dog                                                          Judy Leonard
Demolition Derby                                 Kristi St. Clair, Chance Fisher
Exhibit Hall- Junior Division             Cristen Chermak, Joyce Conger
Fashion Revue                                      Cristen Chermak
FFA                                                          Katie Greenwood, Coley Wondra, Kenda Butterfield
Field and Forage                                  Katie Greenwood, Coley Wondra, Kenda Butterfield
Goats                                                      Ryan Bates, Heidi Simpson
Grounds                                                 Les Linman
Heritage Hall                                         Kay Adams
Horses - 4-H and FFA                        Katie Greenwood, Teresa Burns, Josh Roeling
Livestock & Barn                                 Ryan Bates
Needlework                                           S&B Quilters
Pantry Store                                         Janice Cooper
Parade                                                    Cristen Chermak, Sheila Maki
Parking - Cars                                     Jarod Keller
Parking - Campers                             Kirby Clock
Law Enforcement                               Sheriff Fred McKee & Marshall Dan Miller
Small Animal Barn                              Amy Miller, Mariah Wood, Joyce Conger, Mary Haining
Rodeo                                                    Ryan Bates, Chance Fisher
Sheep                                                     Andy Braslin, Chad Mitchell
Shooting Sports                                  George Baier
Swine                                                     Jen Craig, Amy Miller, Chuck Miller, Chance Fisher
Website & Social Media                      Kris Stewart


PO Box 2084
Hotchkiss, CO 81419


Email: info@deltacountyfair.com 


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